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I will be sharing with you here about concrete driveways and the benefits of choosing concrete over other driveway options. There are many advantages to concrete that you might not have heard of before, including its long-lasting durability, its sleek appearance, and how easy it is to maintain. If you’re looking for a beautiful new driveway, then this is the article for you! We hope you enjoyed reading about the benefits of going with a concrete driveway.


Concrete driveways are durable and long-lasting

Concrete driveways are durable and long-lasting because they are resistant to wear and tear due to age, rain, sun, water absorption, and moisture. Also, their surface is smooth enough that oils from vehicle tires don’t stick which means that the area doesn’t have puddles on it after a heavy rainfall or snow.

While a tarmac driveway requires more frequent maintenance as well as a sealant every 3-4 years in order to keep the surface looking fresh. Additionally, concrete driveways require less base preparation work when digging – such as adding lime or using an excavation process called jet grouting – since many times all you need is just prepare for error.

Concrete is a durable material that can last for more than 60 years with minimal upkeep. It does not crack, fade or decompose and will maintain its appearance over time. This means it’s one of the only driveway options you’ll ever have to consider again in your lifetime!

No other type of paving stone offers this kind of longevity.


Why concrete is easy to maintain, requiring less upkeep than other materials?

concrete driveway levelling

Concrete is a resilient, easy-to-maintain surface that is well suited for a driveway when it comes to deciding on your driveways. When choosing between surfaces, opting for one with upkeep of little to no maintenance can make sense depending on where you’re located and the climate in which you live.

Concrete may be one of the best options when it comes to selecting an outdoor material loaded with nutrients: concrete coatings are often rich with sealants, water repellents, and anti-frost chemicals which provide long-lasting protection that continues year after year without any added expense.

The only maintenance that may be required is a concrete sealant, which can sometimes be applied by the homeowner for an even more cost-effective option.


A concrete driveway adds value to your home

Concrete driveways add value to a home by making it stand out from the others. Concrete offers an elegant, contemporary look that is unmatched in many other materials such as asphalt or wood and can be designed to meet any style preference – modern, traditional, minimalist.

Drives often cost around 10-20% of the cost of a new house. A house without a driveway is generally harder to sell, so that’s an expense you’ll have to account for. If you plan on refinancing your mortgage later on down the line, then there are fewer chances of approval if the lender disagrees with how much money it took to complete your driveways. Driveways also offer protection against weather and other outdoor wear and tear as well as being more attractive in appearance to buyers. The intrinsic value is unquestionable but don’t forget that it also has lots of utility value, too!

In addition, concrete withstands extreme weather conditions better than these other materials.

The appearance of a concrete driveway can be customized based on the homeowner’s preference for color or design
Concrete can be dyed in a variety of colors, and because concrete is durable, it will not fade over time. This means that if you want to change the color or design on your driveway later down the road – without having to replace all of the old concrete with new stuff – you’ll just need a fresh layer of sealant or paint.

Concrete driveways offer a variety of color choices and can be stamped with your favorite design. They’re also easy to maintain – you don’t have to worry about them getting damaged or stained as asphalt does over time.

For many homeowners, concrete is the best choice because of its affordability and durability. Concrete lasts for a long time while other materials need to be replaced more frequently. The cost of maintaining a concrete driveway over ten years is less than half that of tarmac  according to HomeAdvisor’s 2018 Cost vs Value Report.

It is also possible to install a decorative border around your new concrete driveway at an affordable price, adding, even more, curb appeal to your property.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact Wiltshire Driveways today and let’s get started on your new concrete driveway!